Ministries Of The Church

The kingdom of God is advanced very powerfully day by day through the following ministries of Sion Fellowship:

Outreach Ministry
As a collective body of Christ the church is taken up the responsibility of reaching the unreached. Church is advancing by personal evangelism and also by mass evangelism (crusades). We have a mandate to preach the gospel through mass crusades. We identify the towns strategically and conduct large evangelistic meetings. Thousands of people attend these meetings and the word of God is confirmed through signs and wonders resulting hundreds of salvations and many healings. As a result of these meetings, the power of the enemy over the towns is broken and people are set free. The hundreds of salvations have grown into many new churches and has strengthened the larger Church body, Sion Fellowship. Every year we conduct six large evangelistic meetings.

Church Planting
Church planting is a natural culmination to our mass crusades and pioneering ministry. The existing churches also endeavor to plant new churches in their surrounding villages. We recognize the importance of the five fold ministry to make the newly planted Church a strong and viable one. We follow the cell group pattern for the growth of the churches.

Prayer Ministry
God is enabling the church to move in the mighty move of the spiritual warfare through regular intercessory prayers. We encourage and train believers to make prayer a way of life. We conduct regular prayer cells consisting of group of people who pray continuously for the needy. There is all night prayer on every Wednesday at St. Anthony’s School, Maredpally. Our team continuously prays for the people who send their prayer requests to us.

House Groups
The purpose of house is to create a platform for harvest, to disciple new believers & equip them for the Ministry. The house groups endeavour to introduce a unique Christian life and fellowshipping among the saints. We conduct different house groups at different areas through out the week.

Youth Ministry
Young people comprise 60{c6c6b74ca3116d54bea7d6f7c3bdeb82556eb39f8c2dd39393ffb04c6d0df9e4} of India’s total population. We are making continuous efforts to reach out.To this particular group. The way we reach them is through one to one evangilisim,youth meetings,decipleship training, counseling, music, games ,camps and outreach programme. .The ministry among the young people is growing powerfully and many lives are being changed radically. In the year 2009 we conducted a youth camp which gave a great impact to the lives of the youth. Approximately between 50 & 60 youth committed their lives to serve the Lord.

Children’s Ministry
We recognize that the children are the answer for the future generation; therefore we lay down special emphasis on training children in the ways of the Lord. Every local church have, a children ministry wing, and conduct regular teaching classes to train the children. We also conduct children camps and children outreach programme. In 2009, we were able to reach 1.1 Lakh children in different districts of AP through outreach programmes.

Women’s Ministry
We recognize the significant role of the women in the Church ministry. And we conduct regular meetings for the women to equip and encourage them to play an important role in church planting and to be a blessing in the extension work of kingdom of God.

Deliverance and Healing Mnistry
According to the word of God, we believe that God has given us the authority to cast out demons from the lives of the people and deliver them from its power and heal them. We pray for people who are in need of deliverance and release them into the freedom and purposes of God.

Counseling Ministry
Counseling is needed to build people in the ways of God and strengthen their faith in God. We counsel married couples in their family issues, youth to lead holy life and to build their career.

Compassionate Ministry
At present, the church is involved With a greater responsibility and a role to play to uplift the society, we have recognized various openings in the ministry like orphans (Shalom Home), street children, rag picker, old age homes and prisons, to demonstrate Christ’s love to the under privileged.

Community Ministry
The King’s School is an established English Medium school that teaches Christian values besides quality education. A majority of students are non-Christians. We are very glad to be given the opportunity to impact the lives of these students with the love of God, helping to bring them into an awareness of Jesus Christ in their lives.

Projects of the Church

National Pioneering Project
To have a practical and strategic approach to the vision, we train and send pioneering ministers to new areas to preach the gospel and plant Churches. These ministers make a town as their base and evangelize 20 villages around them in 2 years. They will plant Churches and start fellowships where ever possible. Sion Fellowship will financially support them for 2 years in which time they will become self sufficient. Till date we have released 100 pioneering workers and they have planted around 425 village churches and have reached 2500 villages with gospel. We expect to establish Churches in these reached out villages.

Church Building Project
There is a great need for proper sanctuaries to worship. At many places people gather in make shift arrangements or thatched huts and it becomes very difficult to have services in hostile weather conditions like heavy rainfall or in summer. We thank God for His provision in helping us construct some church buildings earlier. Currently there is a huge need to construct many sanctuaries in the places where new churches have been planted.

Progress in Church Planting Ministry

Churches in Hyderabad : 11
City Churches : 234
Village Churches : 604
Associate churches : 10
No. of Villages reached out through Pioneering Ministry : 2,500