Voice of God heard by Rev John Babu


Rev. Y.S. John Babu & Mrs. Anna John Babu

Late Rev. Y.S John Babu was born and raised as a Hindu, worshipping the idol gods. He was a dynamic and brave Police Officer was married and having eight children. The pressures of his job drove him to become a chronic addict of alcohol, consequently damaged his liver and heart. The report of the doctors showed that he would live only for four months (in the year 1972). Receiving the hard reality of his poverty stricken life, his overall health also gradually deteriorated. This dark phase of experience of his family left them with no ray of hope and they found themselves at the lowest end of life. In these desperate and frustrated moments, he was running from pillar to post trying in vain to find some sort of hope for his life. On one such evening of 27th Dec’ 1972 while he was worshipping idols in a Hindu Temple, the Lord Jesus Christ spoke to him in an audible voice. “I am the true living God and if you believe me I will heal, save and use you in my ministry”. This encounter with Jesus brought healing and salvation to the entire family. Glory to God!



In the year 1974, the Lord directed John Babu to serve in the place called “Armoor”. Individually, his initial response was different, he said “Lord it’s a tough and hard place to establish a church as people call it a “graveyard for Pastors”. He opted for another place called “Banswada” which was comfortable and the people with whom he was well acquainted. But the Lord commissioned him to go Armoor to transform that place. The next excuse was “Lord I have eight children and how can I feed them in an unknown place?” The Lord promised “His provision” for the entire family. As a sign to go, he asked the Lord to provide a rented house during his first visit. He went to Armoor in search of a house and there he met his old friends at the Police Station during which a gentleman overheard their conversation and offered his house without discussing the rent as it was a haunted house and nobody could stay there for more than three days. John Babu made it very clear to the demons “We can’t live together and since we have come to live here you better leave” the haunted house turned out to be their dwelling place and also a place of worship for the next few years. The Lord started using John Babu in demonstrating the mighty power of God by signs, wonder and miracles. Many were helped and delivered from the almanac of bondages. This resulted in opposition from the city elders but the Lord was ever faithful. Those early days were a significant and testing period of his life for his family was so poverty stricken that they were not even sure of their next meal.

The days of Elijah are not over………………………

One day the whole family of John Babu was not having meal and his children were little to handle this situation. John Babu’s wife wailed to the Lord and told her children “Ask Jesus and you will receive food”. While John Babu and the children were in the courtyard, Jacob Raju (second child) saw a raven on the top of a tree holding a five rupee note in its beak. He asked John Babu “shall I hit with a stone”. His father said not to do so, if the Lord had sent, it will drop the money on the ground. After five minutes it dropped the five-rupee note. John Babu shouted with joy saying “the days of Elijah are not over and the Lord is the same yesterday, today and forever”.

Building the church…………………..

John Babu was a great evangelist and established a church of hundred people initially, yet he struggled as a pastor and did not know how to properly build a powerful church and was asking the Lord in this concern. One day he saw a vision of an English tall white man with his wife in a blue sari and God told him to submit his life to that man of God who would lead him in God’s ways both in life and ministry. After three months, he went to attend a conference in Bombay and saw the tall English man (Rev. Alan Vincent) and his wife, whom God had shown in his vision. God had supernaturally united them to work in the kingdom.
Rev. Alan Vincent started fathering John Babu in the initial stage visiting Armoor regularly to give input in his life and ministry. His commitment and untiring efforts started yielding wonderful results. Once a whole region was facing drought and every believer was oppressed. During this time Bro. Alan challenged the believers to exercise faith and also to challenge the devil not to take hold of the situation. He declared boldly that this time it was going to rain abundantly. The believers took a stand and declared openly that God is going to send abundant of rain and God confirmed the word of his servant as it rained heavily.
The villagers came to the church and requested to pray saying “Ask your God to stop the rains as it is in excess.” The fear of God came upon the whole region. The church started living in the authority of God and experienced the supernatural power of God in their lives and ministry.
Later John Babu moved to Hyderabad as per God’s direction and steadily the Kingdom of God impacted many areas of Andhra Pradesh & churches being planted.
During this powerful ministry, the woman of God Anna John Babu slept in the Lord in the year 1991 and Pastor Y.S. John Babu left for his heavenly abode in the year 1996…………..A man of great vision and a dynamic leader, tremendous man of God.