Rev. Alan and Eileen - Profiles

Alan and Eileen

Alan was raised in a Baptist home but he turned away from church as a young person. He was ambitious and more interested in his work and career. He did not have any interest in religion, and liked to think of himself as an atheist. He had nothing against Christianity as he felt it never harmed anybody and was good for old ladies to have something to lean on.

Eileen did not come from a Christian family but she did attend a Sunday school and loved going to church. As a young person she became a member of the Methodist church, believing all the right things but failing to understand what it all meant to walk with God. At the age of seventeen she left home and enrolled herself in a nursing school.
It was at a square dance that Alan and Eileen first met and were married on December 22nd, 1953. Meanwhile, Eileen had abandoned all her spiritual interests in their new life together.

Salvation and a New Life

Alan and Eileen led a totally non Christian, non religious life and it was in 1958 that Salvation came to their doorstep in a very unlikely way – through missionaries. These missionaries had come from America to preach their religion and Alan let them do so on a condition that he would also be given information about America – his interest then due to his career ambitions.

As they began to meet regularly, and have discussions about religion and America, some vague memories from Sunday school began to pop up in Alan’s mind. He took issue over the Mormon’s doctrine and purely for the love of intellectual debate and purpose of accuracy he began reading his wife’s bible which now she never read. During this search to prove the inaccuracies in Mormon teaching, he began to read John’s gospel, and found himself getting more and more intrigued with the person – Jesus Christ. Alan and Eileen came to accept Jesus as their personal saviour and were truly converted on July 3rd 1958. They were shepherded for the first months by Mr. and Mrs. Elliot.

Call for Missions
The Vincents were challenged to serve God as Missionaries right from the beginning of their new life as born again believers. In fact it was Eileen’s childhood dream to be a missionary. She was seven years old when an African Pastor visited her Church and Sunday school and spoke to her. She was inspired by him and she would always go about saying “I’m going to be a missionary when I grow up; I’m going to be a missionary in China”. It was really this vision that Eileen never let go and which finally came true in the year 1963.
Alan and Eileen had applied to various mission societies but because Alan’s health was very poor no society would send them. He suffered from severe nose bleeds and even came close to death a few times. After seeking God for months……God was calling them to go.
The couple had such a settled determination of spirit about their calling that even when Alan had a devastating nose bleed the night before they set sail for India. Eileen said was “Lord, you have called me. Even if this man dies, I go; I am called of God to serve him and I will not turn back.” Armed with this determination in their hearts, along with a young child (Rachael) and another on the way (Duncan) they finally left for India in February, 1963.

Alan was to work with a Gospel Literature Service in Bombay to re-equip the press and train the staff in modern printing methods. Eileen was to work with missions. They became involved with the local Baptist Church and over the next few years, God used them mightily to reach out to the people of Bombay. They faced many challenges including financial ones, but they never lost sight of their calling over the years. God started answering their prayers and hundreds and thousands and thousands of non believers were lead to the Lord. A number of churches were planted and their work among Hindus and Catholics was tremendous. Alan’s teaching was greatly appreciated by the Missionaries and this lead to many invitations to other mission stations in and around India. They saw hundreds souls being saved from Nepal to Kerala. They lived and served in India over thirteen years before God told them to relocate to England and continue His work there.

Supernatural Union
It was in 1978 God showed Pas. Y. John Babu a vision while he was praying. He saw a tall English man with his wife in a blue sari and God told him that he was to go to Bombay and meet this couple. He was to submit his life to them and he would learn things that would change his life and ministry.

Three months later, John Babu went to conference in Bombay and the vision was fulfilled when he met Alan and Eileen Vincent. At this time the vincents relocated to Hertfordshire, England.

It was in this miraculous and supernatural way that God had brought Alan and Pastor Y. John Babu together to start a whole new network of churches in South India. Presently his son Pastor Y. Mohan Babu is leading Sion Fellowship Ministries.

The Vincents relocated to Hertfordshire, England. During the Vincent’s time in India they were the pioneers of God’s work here as they fathered and nurtured many churches, pastors and believers, with diligence and steadfast faith.

Present Times
Later in 1991 God called them to move to San Antonio, Texas, United States. This apostolic couple who minister all over the world in Europe, Africa, Asia India are now settled in San Antonio where they have been faithfully continuing their service to God for 18 years. Alan continues to teach the scriptures with prophetic revelation bringing many to a deeper maturity in kingdom living and service. As was said of the Apostle Paul, the same may be said of Alan Vincent, “…….my way of life in Christ Jesus…… agrees with what I teach everywhere in every church.” Eileen, a powerful intercessor, preacher, teacher and an author of four books, carries a burden for San Antonio (as God told her in 1998) and has founded “City Reachers for the Love of San Antonio”, “Watchman on the wall” prayer group and continues to work on establishing “San Antonio Apostolic Prayer Centre(SAAPC).

Alan and Eileen Vincent, who have three children of their own (Rachel, Duncan, David) and seven precious grandchildren and one great grand daughter.

They continue to be a blessing as spiritual parents to the entire Sion Fellowship family, near and extended.